Reader Reviews

The food, the country, the design, and the printing are all spectacular. An impressive award-worthy work.
- Frank Romano
President. Museum of Printing, Haverhill, Massachusetts
Gyulshat’s book is much more than a mere collection of exotic recipes. For someone who grew up in such a remote part of the world, “Sachak” is a wonderful flashback to the sun-filled days of growing up in Turkmenistan. Reading the book and looking through the photographs brought back many nostalgic memories, filled with bright colours, delicious aromas and familiar sounds. Thank you, Gyulshat, for the walk down memory lane!
- Tatiana
“Sachak” by Gyulshat Esenova is not your ordinary cookbook. It reads as a beautiful art album, bringing you stories of the land, stunning images of Turkmen landscapes, and smells of the food. You will want to keep it on your coffee table and leaf through the pages over and over again (my secret pleasure is a glossary)! The recipes often flow into each other giving you an option to improvise and experiment: you can make a simple yogurt called Gatyk and make it into a cheese the next day, or start with one soup and end up with a variation of it. All recipes come with VEG/DF/GF mark-ups for Western cooks. Somewhat familiar with Turkmen breads and pilafs since my childhood, I was pleasantly surprised by several fish dishes and a spiced duck! So far I’ve made manty (lamb dumplings) and lamb shank soup: both came out great. That duck will be next. I highly recommend this tasty and tasteful addition to your home library!
- Olga
Респект автору! Все просто - книга про традиционные туркменские рецепты, а сделана так, как Мимино посмотрел или Бартока послушал. Про свой край и с любовью! Пять с плюсом!
- Алексей
Род Айленд
Thank you so much for sending the beautiful book you created. I read all of it and I am so impressed by how you managed to tell the story of Turkmenistan through recipes. It is a truly unique book -- nothing of this quality exists out there. Congratulations on this amazing achievement, you must be so proud!
- Aylar
The Sachak book is amazing! The pictures are incredible, both of the food and of the scenery in Turkmenistan. Combined with the wonderful narratives, they give a fascinating glimpse into a world we know so little about. This is the kind of book I would read to the kids when they were little. But I don’t remember ever seeing one about Turkmenistan! This is a unique book and an important contribution for appreciation of a culture and cuisine largely undiscovered in the West. The cuisine is exotic. I loved the picture of the wheat sprouts in the 13x9 pan! The first recipe we will attempt is the corek bread because of its special significance in the culture. We want to applaud Gyulshat and the team for your work on producing this book. Bravo! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
- Annette
New York
Я искала книгу про туркменскую кухню на просторах интернета уже лет 5 точно. Очень хотелось, чтобы в нашей семье была такая замечательная книга со всеми рецептами туркменской кухни. Особенно хочу подчеркнуть, что книга написана на английском языке, что очень здорово и можно подарить своим американским друзьям. Рецепты очень удобно написаны, с красивыми яркими фотографиями, все продукты доступны. Переплет книги и страницы - очень качественные. Такая книга может передаваться из поколения в поколение в туркменских семьях, где дети родились и выросли заграницей, но чтут и помнят свои корни. Спасибо большое автору книги, Гульшат, за её труд, старательность и внимание к своей культуре!
- Бягуль